We Used To See The Sky are a bunch of misfits who came together in common purpose to take on today’s messed-up world. Ostensibly an alternative rock band, they’re not one for labels.

While Mike Grant’s lyrics and vocals dive head first into political uncertainty and the ever-changing maelstrom of relationship drama, Steve Collard sears his guitar into the stratosphere to sky-write a potent mix of beautiful melodies and dark, all-encompassing FX. Below them, Holly Chapman unleashes a cavalcade of propulsive bass, while Steve Sansum holds everything together with his urgent beats. Meanwhile, Paul Wheatcroft’s keyboards soar untethered with angel’s wings before burrowing for the depths of the soul. WUTSTS take the listener on a journey that they certainly weren’t expecting and will definitely never forget.

Based in Bristol but boasting members from places as far-flung as Portishead, they’re influenced by alternative rock, electronica and beyond. They listen to the likes of Radiohead, Everything Everything, David Bowie, Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White, Underworld, Portishead and Godspeed You Black Emperor cos they’re great.

We Used To See The Sky are:

Mike Grant – vocals / guitar

Paul Wheatcroft – keyboards

Steve Collard – lead guitarist

Holly Chapman – bass guitar

Steve Sansum – drums