New Year

A New Year’s update from WUTSTS Towers is more than overdue, right? Why yes, and we have two important news items to share with you. Firstly, we are delighted to announce that the super-talented Steve Sansum joined us in December as our new drummer. Seeing him behind the kit has been a real thrill – he’s already breathing crazy new life into our current batch of songs and we can’t wait to set him loose on upcoming material. The man has what I believe the kids of today refer to as ‘mad skillz’.

We have mixed feelings about our second bit of news, though. Our bassist Will has sadly left us to pursue a new musical project. We’ll miss him and his groovy bass lines loads, but his heart was always in lead guitar rather than bass and so we’re very much looking forward to hearing what his new punk/emo/experimental duo will come up with in the future!

So we’re starting January by holding auditions for a new bassist. The applicants are veritably queuing up and we’ll be seeing them over the next few weeks, with the view to filling the slot by the end of the month.

As soon as we’re back at 100% capacity, 2019 looks like being an epic second year for WUTSTS. Our main focus is to record and release our debut album, but we will of course be playing some gigs to road-test our new material, including (hopefully) some festival dates. There will be more news in due course (which may involve a big surprise…), but for now, everyone in the band would like to wish you – yes, you! – a very happy new year. May all your positive resolutions come to pass!

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