Recordings update and next gig

We’ve been pretty radio silent recently (apologies!), but that’s because we’ve been beavering away on some recordings which will hopefully be released sometime this autumn on all your favourite digital platforms. Oh, and our lead guitarist’s wife has had a baby so he’s been a bit tied up! Anyway, the drum layers for all the tracks were recorded last Sunday and that was the final thing to do, so after a bit (a lot!) of mixing work and some final touch-ups, we’ll hopefully be there. More news as soon as we have it!

Our next gig is on Wednesday 10 October. We’ll be shaking off the cobwebs (it’s hard to believe that our last performance was the headline show at The Louisiana in June) at The Thunderbolt, and we definitely feel like there’s unfinished business at that venue. When we played there before, our lead singer Mike had just busted his foot so could barely move, and he could only just about sing due to a bad cold. So it was a difficult night! We got through the gig intact and the audience were very appreciative (thanks, guys!), but this time around we hope to show what we can really do. We’re headlining, so it will be 45 minutes of WUTSTS goodness. Plus, Mike can move again! We hope to see a lot of you there.

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