Yes, we should write more blog posts. We will. We’re about to get ready for recording some stuff for release on all your favourite streaming platforms and hopefully on vinyl, which should lead to some witterings about development and decisions and INTERESTING CONTENT.

But until then, we’re left with the exciting matter of our headline show at The Louisiana on Sunday 24th June. Our first ever headline show in fact, our first weekend show, our first 45 minute set (we’ve been playing for half an hour everywhere until now). A weekend of firsts. We would never have believed at the start of the year, when the band wasn’t even yet fully formed, that we would have the opportunity to headline such a brilliant venue so early on in our nascent musical career. But here we are. It’s a great confidence boost to play somewhere and then be asked back in a better slot. It makes us feel that we’re doing something properly. And we’re really looking forward to this gig. It feels like the end of chapter one of this band’s story. The original short-term goal was pretty simple: ‘just’ to get to the point where we could play live. Well, we’ve done that and more, so now we’ll have to set some new, more ambitious goals! Where we go from here… well, let’s just say that we have exciting plans. 🙂

We’re playing 2 completely new songs at this gig, and 2 more that have only been played once before. The progression between where we were as a live act for our first gig at The Louisiana back at the beginning of April and where we are now is pretty big, so we’re hoping to pleasantly surprise those of you who saw us in our (very nervous) live debut!

As always, thanks to everyone who’s been supporting us along the way. We appreciate it more than you will ever know.

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