Studio Time

Tonight we return to the studio to work on some new material following our first couple of gigs. Getting our initial 7 song live set to be (relatively) slick was a lot of fun to sort out, but we have all been itching to play the newer songs that we left off the list and therefore haven’t had the chance to properly think about as a group for a while. Some of these should definitely become part of our ‘best’ 30 minutes, particularly the already legendary ‘Octave Up’.

So, with a few weeks to go until our next gig (details of that soon!), we have some time to do some recordings and add new songs to the set. The next targets for our live sound are to have a reliable 45 minutes and then a full hour. There are more than enough songs to go round, so the next few rehearsals should be awesome. And who knows, we may well have some new recordings to add to our Soundcloud soon…

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